Humans are more resilient than this. Yes it helps to have a plan. Generally it is impossible to have a plan for multiple scenarios in life. So plans might help a few people few of the time. For the rest we’re adaptive race. We figure things out as life unfolds.

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Thanks Srikanth!

Yes, it is impossible to prepare for all that can happen 💯

The idea behind preparing a Contingency Plan plan is two-fold:

1. Take the attention away from the negative mind wandering that causes anxiety and depression and point it towards a constructive activity

2. Create a closure for the "What if?" worries, to take that thought off the mind's "active topics" list.

Hope it makes sense!

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If We use Maslow and his pyramid as a model for one to reach a state of proactiveness where one is thinking of the future is a good place to be. For the rest it might be reacting to the today or what happens depending on where you’re in your life. Not too many are in this state of being able to be proactive.

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You're absolutely right that very few people are proactive.

I have touched on this topic at the beginning of https://models.substack.com/p/how-to-bend-reality

I need to clarify this: Making a Contingency Plan is a reactionary approach.

It is a good idea for people who can't stop worrying about "what might happen" to the extent that they become depressed.

It's the same as preparing for an exam. You're worried if you're not prepared, because you don't know whether you're going to make it.

However, you worry much less if you're very well prepared and know how you're going to pass it.

Preparedness takes away all uncertainty, and therefore, all anxiety associated with that uncertainty.

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