The Pyramid Principle recommends that you start communicating with your answer/hypothesis first and then support it with arguments and data. 
AMA with Mubashar Iqbal, Serial MakerIn this AMA, we will be hosting Mubs. He is a serial maker and was selected as ProductHunt's maker of the year for 2016. He is currently working on a p…
The Von Restorff effect states that when presented with a group of similar objects, the one that differs from the rest is most likely to be remembered. 
Summaries are not always good, especially so while reporting critical news stories. 
Margin of safety is a precautionary mental model used to absorb variations, errors and bad luck.
“All I want to know is where I’m going to die so I’ll never go there” - Charlie Munger
When I started exploring things in “Church Tech” early this week, it did seem like something that is not really a “tech startup” idea. But as I dug a l…
The imbalance between the context/information among the 2 parties is known as information asymmetry. This is an important mental model to have in your …
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