AMA with Aline Lerner,

In this AMA, we will be hosting Aline Lerner, founder & CEO of is an anonymous technical recruiting platform where companies like Facebook, Uber, Dropbox, and Quora have hired great software engineers. Before this venture, she was a software engineer for 5 years, ran hiring at Udacity, and wrote a lot of stuff about hiring on the internet.

Her data-driven posts about how typos matter more than pedigree, how resumes are a low-signal filtering tool, and how technical interviews aren’t deterministic have been read by millions of people, and her work on the subject has appeared in dozens of publications, including Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, and Fast Company.

Aline is a great resource for anything related to the current job market, hiring best practices and coding interviews etc, so start shooting your questions.

AMA rules (not the usual blah-blah):

  1. AMA will be open till 16th September 11:59PM (PST).

  2. Keep your questions/responses short and relevant.

  3. Be respectful to other participants.

  4. If you can be specific, be specific.

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